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The problem spreads across all socioeconomic boundaries. You are correct that the children seem the same as our memories of childhood but the difference is they spend a large percentage of their time watching and being marketed to. Remember when we were kids most programming was for adults. Because of that children would find other ways to occupy themselves also TV did not run twenty-four seven.

It is my belief that children who do not have parents that do not concern themselves with their children future well being are the most likely to watch excessively. It does take some thought and or commitment for a parent to turn of the tube and send the kids out or find a way to occupy them.

Down the end of the street I live on is a little girl who comes from a "very nice family" they are concerned with their children. But the kid talks like she is reading script from a sitcom. And she knows her part well because the same compliance techniques the kids use on their parents on television are brought to use by this child who is nine. And they work because mom and dad have become conditioned. She does not come to my house any longer because my daughter likes the outdoors and finds flowers and fauna infinitely interesting. She also knows that mom and dad are not mindless idiots like they are portrayed on the tube. And she recognizes the problems in the way her friends are treated or allowed to behave. She told her "friend" that we do not lie at my house and we do not behave the way you do and I will not play with you cannot act properly. She was referring to the child's attempt at using television sanctioned compliance techniques.

Children and our whole population are becoming increasingly sedentary. Children are maturing earlier I believe because of this and I believe that when some one gets around to asking the questions these children will be identified as being over weight and watching allot of television. And that the early maturation is brought on by a build up of hormones in their excessive fat. Just my thought.

Bill, I believe that what the kids that see my work like is that I am a funny smart adult who can interact with them. My daughter when she was about three and a half saw a preview for Robin William's in Pan. She looked at me closely as only a small child can and said.

Katie:That's not the real Peter Pan.
Jim: It isn't ?
Katie: Nope.
Jim: Well who is then?
Katie: (moves in very close nose to nose with Jim looking deep into my eyes) You are. ( Moves back slightly and touches Jim's nose)

This is one of my fondest memories of the exchanges we have had through the years. But it is how many people perceive me adults included. I present the possibilities of what is possible if one is willing to make a commitment to live the life they chose. Not the one designed and marketed by the media. And also magic is more of an adult entertainment. Children live in the state of wonder and excitement that a magic performance can bring about for an adult. Of course children find it entertaining but are not as interested adult.

When they want to know how to become a magician I explain that you must study science, physics,psychology, sociology, acting & body movment. And that one must read well and that instructional video tapes are of little to no use to beginners no matter what a magic shop owner says.

Best wishes & a meme or three for good measure Jim

Master Magician & Paranormalist
Jim Callahan
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>You are in a unique and valuable position for insight into children. I
>that they look at you with some sort of awe/intrigue/fear (as I did as a
child -
>I was unfortunate enough to have the guillotine trick done on me when I was
>about 8 - I nearly soiled myself). You must have some small percentage of
>children who wish to learn or become a magician after they see your
>Most of the children I am in contact with are what I would call "normal"
for my
>childhood - they watch some tube, but also play baseball, chase each other
>the neighborhood, cause mild mischief etc... have you noticed a particular
>demographic of children that have the TV bug? Is the the
>- which demographic of children seem to have the largest problem with TV
>Just curious about your experience, thanks.
>Bill Roh
>Jim wrote:
>> It is not only the violence that is the problem. It is also the extensive
>> programming the media does. It could possibly be that I am acutely aware
>> it because of my business. And I agree with you on the dependence. And
>> is the true problem.
>> Jim
>> Master Magician & Paranormalist
>> Jim Callahan
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>> >I don't question that they follow behavior on TV or that they watch too
>> much and
>> >do too little - about that you get no argument from me. I simply don't
>> think
>> >that we are "saturated" with the negative images. I don't think most the
>> images
>> >are negative - nor disturbing, or bad. Just to be sure I felt good about
>> that
>> >statement, I went directly my satellite tv and ran through the
channels -
>> and
>> >sure enough, almost no violent shows at all, those that were were mostly
>> movies.
>> >Lots of baseball and meaningless drivel, but little violence. This was
>> 4:00,
>> >I looked again at 8:00 and it was mostly the same, a few more drama
>> but
>> >that's about it. I simply don't think the problem is in the content -
>> the
>> >dependence.
>> >
>> >Bill Roh
>> >
>> >Jim wrote:
>> >
>> >> It is not the desires that are undesirable it is models that are
>> >> that it supplies. For example the troubled youth that acts out in this
>> way
>> >> would not have ever reacted this way if the model for this behavior
>> not
>> >> been presented. The unfortunate part of the situation is that further
>> copy
>> >> cat behavior could have been squelched.
>> >>
>> >> Also television is reality for a great part of our country. They sit
>> >> front of it slack jawed eating crud and sucking down soda their
>> are
>> >> right with them and their brains become receivers acutely tuned to
>> >> compliance techniques used by the TV marketers. I just returned home
>> >> Orlando. I was working but took a few days and went to Universal and
>> Epcot.
>> >> It is absolutely obscene the physical shape our children are in. They
>> have
>> >> the bodies of people in their late twenties to early mid thirties. And
>> they
>> >> can tell you what is on every day on every major broadcasting station.
>> >> you are looking for a undesirable desires possibly the desire to
>> incessantly
>> >> watch is it.
>> >>
>> >> Best wishes
>> >> Jim
>> >>
>> >> Master Magician & Paranormalist
>> >> Jim Callahan
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>> >>
>> >>
>> >> >From Bill,
>> >>
>> >> >Once again, I don't see evidence "TV saturates us with desires that
>> >> >undesirable". A great majority of TV does not do that, but what does,
>> like
>> >> the
>> >> >shootings, gets extra press. The exposure to violence and "bad"
>> is a
>> >> >permanent fixture of culture. As someone who has witnessed death
>> >> hand, I
>> >> >can say that television does NOT do the subject justice.
>> >
>> >