Re: virus: Meme Update #29: Copycat Shootings

Jim (
Sat, 19 Jun 1999 11:17:36 -0500

It is not the desires that are undesirable it is models that are harmful that it supplies. For example the troubled youth that acts out in this way would not have ever reacted this way if the model for this behavior had not been presented. The unfortunate part of the situation is that further copy cat behavior could have been squelched.

Also television is reality for a great part of our country. They sit in front of it slack jawed eating crud and sucking down soda their children are right with them and their brains become receivers acutely tuned to the compliance techniques used by the TV marketers. I just returned home from Orlando. I was working but took a few days and went to Universal and Epcot. It is absolutely obscene the physical shape our children are in. They have the bodies of people in their late twenties to early mid thirties. And they can tell you what is on every day on every major broadcasting station. If you are looking for a undesirable desires possibly the desire to incessantly watch is it.

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>From Bill,

>Once again, I don't see evidence "TV saturates us with desires that are
>undesirable". A great majority of TV does not do that, but what does, like
>shootings, gets extra press. The exposure to violence and "bad" things is a
>permanent fixture of culture. As someone who has witnessed death first
hand, I
>can say that television does NOT do the subject justice.