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Dan Plante (
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 11:06:07 -0700

At 10:43 AM 27/06/99 -0500 Brett Robertson wrote:
>Though I wonder if your are trying to start up a flame war... ok, I get
>your point (The position of monitor may not SEEM like such a good idea
>if a person feels likely to be discriminated against by the one who has
>such "control"?!?! ).

Actually, Brett, I was attempting to use that as one example of the more generic drawback to having any type of "screening" option intextricably built-in to the system (see my latest response to The Hermit, if it goes through this time; I've cut it into two parts, maybe it was too long for some point in the mail transport system).

>I already covered this, though: EX. I am not a person who inspires
>cooperation on this list

Yep, and I yet I would fight to the death (of my memes) against any sort of new system that had even the LATENT CAPACITY to screen you out, buddy.

>(but am planning to turn the operation of the
>voting over to someone else). And I said UPFRONT that it was

Yes, but not my point, of course.

>Anyway, for those who think with their brain rather then their brawn it
>should be obvious that we need some way to monitor who is eligible to
>vote and to limit posts to legislative issues.

Not obvious to me.

>Other's had suggested as
>much and I simply implemented those suggestions (ex. the person who
>votes should at least post an introductory post to the list/ maybe those
>recruited to vote should be introduced by an active group member/ ... be
>provided a public key).

I object to this in theory, and fail to see how it could matter to something like CoV in practice.

>If there are personality probs. on this list (seems to be);

Not from where I sit; it's just humanity doing its dance....I figure it's only a problem if someone gets hurt or killed ;-)

>then no
>voting mechanism will work. This isn't a problem with the setup of the
>voting mechanism but with the group dynamics.

I think you overestimate the "effect" that has has on the rest of the list members, Brett. Water off a duck's back, and all that. It's just words. Relax and enjoy it.