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Though I wonder if your are trying to start up a flame war... ok, I get your point (The position of monitor may not SEEM like such a good idea if a person feels likely to be discriminated against by the one who has such "control"?!?! ).

I already covered this, though: EX. I am not a person who inspires cooperation on this list (but am planning to turn the operation of the voting over to someone else). And I said UPFRONT that it was monitored...

Anyway, for those who think with their brain rather then their brawn it should be obvious that we need some way to monitor who is eligible to vote and to limit posts to legislative issues. Other's had suggested as much and I simply implemented those suggestions (ex. the person who votes should at least post an introductory post to the list/ maybe those recruited to vote should be introduced by an active group member/ ... be provided a public key).

If there are personality probs. on this list (seems to be); then no voting mechanism will work. This isn't a problem with the setup of the voting mechanism but with the group dynamics.

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Virian council and process)
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At 08:02 AM 26/06/99 -0500 Brett Robertson wrote:

>Good to see that anyone can't just drop in to vote...

Good to see that Joe E. Dees isn't the moderator, eh?