Re: virus: Virian council and process

Sodom (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 14:13:30 -0400

Yea, Im all for that. I think David said that this system has the capability - so we should start there. I like the PGP idea - that type of security should be relatively safe and easy - but as you say, it is not there now for us - so maybe in the future.

Im watching - lets see what David has to say, and if it is possible to use these functions. Thanks, and good ideas Dan.

Bill Roh

Dan Plante wrote:

> At 01:24 PM 25/06/99 -0400 Sodom wrote:
> >Ok guys - jump off the literally thinking band wagon for a second and get
> >pragmatic. We are talking about brand new people - first posters. They say
> "hi"
> >and i wanna vote, and they are there. We have had the occasional "You guys
> are
> >crazy - God is great" thing a few times, and we knew these people would
> not last
> >long. Some of us would sit back and watch, and others would jump in the
> feeding
> >frenzy. I'm suggesting that we let the newbies introduce themselves before
> >voting. That is about a open as it can be, and includes everyone who wants
> to be
> >here.
> >
> >Beyond that though - Dan's Idea was better anyway. So that is where I am
> sitting
> >with it now - Especially if we are close to having everything we need
> right now.
> >
> >Bill Roh
> Bill, I was just in the middle of writing a reply to Herr Hermit when your
> post came in. It will take a while to write the reply to Carl, and in the
> mean time I wanted to address something that your comments touched on. I
> think it was Brett who mentioned something about a similar resource already
> in place on the net, ready to go. It doesn't have a few (quite critical)
> features that I had in mind (for other reasons), but I sounds like it has
> all the ingredients necessary for the size and current limited requirements
> of CoV.
> I think it would be an interesting learning exercise, and a valuable test
> of some of the core concepts, if we were to use that ready-made resource
> for now. A lot of what has been posted lately on this topic seem like very
> good ideas and excellent resources, but it also seems to me that it might
> be putting the cart ahead of the horse as well. Why not set up the decision
> making aparatus, then use that to decide what saints you want CoV to
> promote (or even whether or not to adopt this feature)? That way, you can
> get a (limited) feel for the dynamics of such a system, as well as sort out
> the first CoV issues.
> Dan