Re: virus: Virian council and process

Dan Plante (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 13:55:09 -0700

At 01:24 PM 25/06/99 -0400 Sodom wrote:
>Ok guys - jump off the literally thinking band wagon for a second and get
>pragmatic. We are talking about brand new people - first posters. They say
>and i wanna vote, and they are there. We have had the occasional "You guys
>crazy - God is great" thing a few times, and we knew these people would
not last
>long. Some of us would sit back and watch, and others would jump in the
>frenzy. I'm suggesting that we let the newbies introduce themselves before
>voting. That is about a open as it can be, and includes everyone who wants
to be
>Beyond that though - Dan's Idea was better anyway. So that is where I am
>with it now - Especially if we are close to having everything we need
right now.
>Bill Roh

Bill, I was just in the middle of writing a reply to Herr Hermit when your post came in. It will take a while to write the reply to Carl, and in the mean time I wanted to address something that your comments touched on. I think it was Brett who mentioned something about a similar resource already in place on the net, ready to go. It doesn't have a few (quite critical) features that I had in mind (for other reasons), but I sounds like it has all the ingredients necessary for the size and current limited requirements of CoV.

I think it would be an interesting learning exercise, and a valuable test of some of the core concepts, if we were to use that ready-made resource for now. A lot of what has been posted lately on this topic seem like very good ideas and excellent resources, but it also seems to me that it might be putting the cart ahead of the horse as well. Why not set up the decision making aparatus, then use that to decide what saints you want CoV to promote (or even whether or not to adopt this feature)? That way, you can get a (limited) feel for the dynamics of such a system, as well as sort out the first CoV issues.