Re: virus: Virian Sainthood

psypher (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 22:47:56 -0400 (EDT)

Eric wrote:

> I was thinking some more about a Virian Council -- an 'Inner
> Circle', as it were. I think we could have all sorts of cool
> initiation rituals and special privilages, and maybe even collect
> money from the lesser ranks... heh. But in all seriousness, one of
> the major avenues of advancement for other meme-plexs was via
> *structure* -- placing people in external organizations and thus
> concentrating power. Does Virus need to do that kind of thing to
> succeed in the meme pool?

...I contend that reliance on this sort of structure is a form of UTism and builds destructive influences into the organization of Virus. One of the strengths of this forum is the open interaction between people with varying levels of understanding. It means that learning is not always easy or pleasant but it is more valuable because of that.

...In an earlier post, Eric, you wrote:

What's my maxim? "Participation builds Commitment" -- action brings meaning.

...each person has a purpose which is unique to them [if I'm understanding level 3 correctly]. Thus it is of best value to the collective if we allow each person to participate with the memetic program of Virus in a way which is consonant with their purpose.

...providing a broad field for the development of individual capacity - within an organized structure of meaning - provides for a more flexible response than adherence to a structure of arbitrary constraints.

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