Re: virus: Virian Sainthood

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 15:59:40 -0400


Sodom <> writes:
> (1) Necessary conditions for nomination > (a) had novel ideas (hopefullly related to Virus)

(b) Should be dead. (don't want anyone arguing from "divine authority")

Good one! To bad it means we can't make Dawkins a saint... till we kill him! <big grin>


> (2) Sufficient conditions for sainthood?
>    (a) creation of ideas Virus is based on?  (e.g. Darwin had
> sufficient conditions to become a saint)
      (b) developed arguments commonly in use by us and with
successful defenses.

Hmm. Can you give an example? I'm having trouble thinking of any "argument commonly in use by us" that wouldn't also qualify the person under section (a).

Im all for a Virian Council, since it sounds like one of the better ways to get things done. But I would be happy if we simply agreed on a time to vote, i would certainly send mine in, and participate in whichever capacity I have the time and resources for.

I was thinking some more about a Virian Council -- an 'Inner Circle', as it were. I think we could have all sorts of cool initiation rituals and special privilages, and maybe even collect money from the lesser ranks... heh. But in all seriousness, one of the major avenues of advancement for other meme-plexs was via *structure* -- placing people in external organizations and thus concentrating power. Does Virus need to do that kind of thing to succeed in the meme pool?

(in an ideal world, each Virian would themselves swing enough 'power' or 'influence' to make a difference, but let's be more realistic... we need teams, and teams need structure and leadership)