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It is not only the violence that is the problem. It is also the extensive programming the media does. It could possibly be that I am acutely aware of it because of my business. And I agree with you on the dependence. And that is the true problem.


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>I don't question that they follow behavior on TV or that they watch too
much and
>do too little - about that you get no argument from me. I simply don't
>that we are "saturated" with the negative images. I don't think most the
>are negative - nor disturbing, or bad. Just to be sure I felt good about
>statement, I went directly my satellite tv and ran through the channels -
>sure enough, almost no violent shows at all, those that were were mostly
>Lots of baseball and meaningless drivel, but little violence. This was at
>I looked again at 8:00 and it was mostly the same, a few more drama shows,
>that's about it. I simply don't think the problem is in the content - but
>Bill Roh
>Jim wrote:
>> It is not the desires that are undesirable it is models that are harmful
>> that it supplies. For example the troubled youth that acts out in this
>> would not have ever reacted this way if the model for this behavior had
>> been presented. The unfortunate part of the situation is that further
>> cat behavior could have been squelched.
>> Also television is reality for a great part of our country. They sit in
>> front of it slack jawed eating crud and sucking down soda their children
>> right with them and their brains become receivers acutely tuned to the
>> compliance techniques used by the TV marketers. I just returned home from
>> Orlando. I was working but took a few days and went to Universal and
>> It is absolutely obscene the physical shape our children are in. They
>> the bodies of people in their late twenties to early mid thirties. And
>> can tell you what is on every day on every major broadcasting station. If
>> you are looking for a undesirable desires possibly the desire to
>> watch is it.
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>> Jim
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>> >From Bill,
>> >Once again, I don't see evidence "TV saturates us with desires that are
>> >undesirable". A great majority of TV does not do that, but what does,
>> the
>> >shootings, gets extra press. The exposure to violence and "bad" things
is a
>> >permanent fixture of culture. As someone who has witnessed death first
>> hand, I
>> >can say that television does NOT do the subject justice.