Re: virus: FAQ: question (a) - Level 3

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 20 Jun 1999 09:21:27 -0400


David McFadzean <> writes: <<
This seems to imply that the purpose is somehow separate from all memes. Does the idea of Level 3 depend on this assumption? What if purpose can be chosen consciously and/or transmitted memetically? Where would that leave Level 3?

It's even worse than that, David. If Blackmore is right and 'consciousness' or 'the self' is an illusion (a story we tell ourselves because it benefits our memes) then level 3 is nothing less than complete self deception -- it is taking the memes which create self-awareness and promoting them up a dozen notches in power -- and propagating level 3 is (of course) spreading those memes with a vengence. The tighter you grip -- the more they have you.

Blackmore's own solution -- to let the self go -- is, of course, no better; but at least it's honest. (and my understanding would be that it's an easier path to happiness, although it's unlikely to yield 'success', however you might define that)