virus: Pink Floyd?

James Veverka (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 20:04:05 -0400 (EDT)


They have been my favorite group since I was blasted on acid listening to A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS in 1967. They are my 16 year old son's favorite too. We have TICKETS for Roger Waters Pink Floyd Music tour in August!!!!. Jethro TULL too in a philharmonic center outside Hartford, CT. just saw Carlos Santana last week. SPAC, in NY. The concert was full of beautiful artistic backdrops and colorful lighted hues and a mist flowed up and over the audience that was laden with sandalwood incense. The slowmotion pink hued Dove (from the 3rd album) on a 15' circular screen in the middle of a black curtain with firey gold stars was the opening scene. One backdrop looked like the artistic child of a persian rug and Peter Max. One guitar solo was so stunning that not a soul moved for the 8 minutes........jim