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Sodom (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 09:57:55 -0400

Wow, you should writew a paper on it! I loved the: "UTism is a level 2 geneticly based zenophobic memeplex"

we should have a link from the short definition to yourexplanation.

Bill Roh

James Veverka wrote:

> The esteemed Professor appropriated:
> >"People not in our group, or with
> >unfamiliar features, are "THEM"--and we
> >are naturally more inclined to find fault
> >and to place blame on "THEM" than we
> >do on "US". However, we all realize
> >upon reflection that UTism leads inevitably
> >to oversimplifications and generalization
> >and does NOT accurately represent reality.
> >As such, habitual UTism should be
> >avoided when at all possible." -Prof. Tim
> So UTism is a level 2 geneticly based zenophobic memeplex......
> It seems as if the press, pundits, and the pols have exacerbated the
> UTism through there scrutinizations and criticisms. Through it's praise
> and worship. Through its demagogery or damnation. Every set of beliefs
> has it's leader that is used in such a fashion as to caricature and
> distort the groups associated and only marginally related groups.
> Are all Christians fundies?
> Are all of the environmentally sensitive chicken littles?
> Are all feminists radical?
> Are all Muslims Shites
> Are all republicans gun-loco and anti-abortion?
> Are all protestants like Bob Barr?
> Are all inmates "criminals"?
> Are all pot smokers lazy?
> On and on and on and on.
> In the democracies political and social discourses boldly insinuate
> UTism into the issues. It is always in terms of an expediant and
> compulsory FOR or AGAINST. Every issue has the voice of chicken little.
> Pragmatism has little or no voice. There is a thriving business in self
> replicating polarizations and positional absolutism in both social and
> political war zones. No leaders dare budge for fear of losing the
> magnetism associated with the polarization; the votes if one does not
> adhere to the unequivocal clarity of the absolutism. Citizens can cling
> easily to these simplistic UTist polarizations and satisfy the need to
> fit into an ideolgical US.
> All this garbage seeps down into our families, churches, community
> organizations, and our educational facilities. ECH!
> Here in NH, 37% of the electorate is registered as Independants. ( & we
> have no income tax or sales taxes except a Room and Meals Tax). You have
> heard things about the libertarian spirit here and it is true.
> Independants are the biggest voting block in the state. (we have a
> fiscally conservative, no taxes, socially liberal governor, Jeanne
> Shaheen). I hope that this trend continues worldwide because the level
> of independants in society reflect the fruits of victory in the war
> against intolerance, moral absolutism and UTism............jim
> at least it seems that way!