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Zloduska <> writes: <<
I have a suggestion. Along with the answers to basic an general questions about CoV, I think we should also include a section about 'red areas'-- alist of topics that should be avoided (such as Xtian Apologetics, why evolution doesn't exist, etc.); touchy/'explosive' topics that are counter-productive; things it would not be a good idea to do/say; and finally a mention of being conscious of how you argue and interact with the regs on the list. Or something like that.

OK. Good ideas. Let's see here:

(o) What topics are 'off topic' and why?

Christian apologetics and *biological* evolution are off topic, because past experience has revealed that debate on these topics is useless and distracts Virus from making further progress. The purpose of Virus is to create a new religion based on memetics and freethought -- we will debate other religions only to the extent that we feel it helps our cause.

"[So] long as the proponents of our best theories... have their attention turned defensively backwards, and expend their intellectual energies in futile refutation and re-refutation of theories long known to be false, the state of our deepest knowledge cannot improve." -- David Deutsch, *The Fabric of Reality*

If you wish to debate Christian apologetics or biological evolution, either take it off list into personal email, or go join a different mailing list centered on such topics. Helpful links:

For an extensive collection of freethough literature and general non-theist material and discussion:

For information on evolution:

(p) What is 'a conscious approach to email writing' and why should I have it?

A conscious approach to email involves actually thinking about what you are saying and why before you send the email off. Why are you writing this email? Is what you have written going to invoke the kind of response you want? Have you clearly communicated your main point?

For a much deeper analysis of this topic, see: