virus: Will (was Bohm: Flow)

Brett Robertson (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 16:59:37 -0500 (EST)

It is not easy to say where will originates. I have met people who use their will to "go against the flow" (which suggests that will is distinct from simple cause-and-effect). Still, to say that everything originates within a flow-- or to say that everything is caused and so might have a logical effect-- is to say that will ALSO has some connection to a source of power. So, perhaps one way to distinguish will from intent is to differentiate between necessity and contingency?

Remember, intent-- as I use it-- implies that objects have certain properties and that their action is *intentional* if it necessarily follows from these properties (ie. a ball rolls with intentionality since the action, rolling, naturally follows from the property, round; thus, there is a force of necessity that may NOT involve will). And though the objective properties of humans are complex; human intent should also act in line with this nature-- thus would not necessitate will.

This is to say: "Will" further suggests that the potential to act is contained as a type of energy within *B*eings (As a life force?). Using the will, then, a Being may direct this force (ex. through *work*). The question becomes: "If 'will' implies the personal use of energy to accomplish an action; then, does this suggest that the action taken is opposed to a larger intentionality?" (ex. A person uses some effort to push a ball uphill. Doesn't this suggest that the person who "wills" that the ball move uphill must also use force in a way which is opposed to the natural intent... of the ball? ... of the person who wills?).

I say that will is ALWAYS opposed to intent; thus, it originates from-- and, ultimately, "benefits"-- only the individual who wills. However, this understanding also suggests that force is always required by the one who wills. Thus, the human-- as a self-contained "system"-- must eventually use his own energy to affect all changes whereby reality might conform to will. Such individuals thereby deplete their reserve of energy-- and so deplete their life-force (the force contained by the system is eventually re-directed to the flow from which it originated).

As such, I assume that will is allowed through "contingency" (or
"grace") and that the intentionality exemplified by cause-and-effect
eventually directs it toward a necessary end (or else intent must override will-- to the detriment of the system whose energies are not aligned with this intent.., even, or especially, those systems which might be entirely self-contained and [incorrectly] presumed to be "self"

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