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> The argument whereby evolution is the same as innovation is called
> *memetics* (which suggests that "human" logic is none other than
> material necessity which has been "pre-selected", somehow, for
> survival).
Wrongo, nimrod. Blind and purposeless evolution of an organism through the process of natural selection is the same as conceptiondriven purposeful innovation of language and/or technology by selfcomscious individuals only for the terminally confused such as yourself.
> This *pre-selection* criteria suggests a meta-physical environment (one
> which includes non-local survival strategies), a post-chance selection
> pattern (a pattern which has the potential ordering to NOT be negated
> through competition to an 50/ 50 chance for survival), and a logical
> action (a necessary effect which REPLICATES successful patterns--
> showing "intent"... as contrasted from the idea of mutation).
> The environment allows for survival strategies which are not immediately
> available (since it includes physical space, or distance); and, the idea
> that what is successful survives is an easy concept to grasp. Thus, the
> main difference in memetics and genetics is in the idea of successful
> pattern formation (potentially successful patterns are called "memes").
> Though memetics is in its infancy, we are encouraged by the possibility
> that successful patterns ARE formed and can replicate. I see no reason
> (since the other aspects of evolution can be explained without a human
> agent) to conclude that the meme is purely a human invention.
Meme propagation is dependent upon the communication/imitation of linguistic expressions and/or technological methods and products, and as such is restricted to humans.
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