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BRETT::::: I have to say something now. I think everything would easier if you changed your writing style. It can appear chaotic.

You should strive to be much more sparing with parentheses and other punctuations, in order to create a cadence to your argument. Your commas are lined up one after the other so that one often need binocuars to see the end of the sentence. With what should be 2-3 sentences you make one, trying to get too much in a sentence. So why dont you spread it out and steadily build an argument instead?


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Does anyone HONESTLY think that my reference to "butt-buddies" was primarily a homophobic statement?

The butt-buddy statement was to imply "Those who lie for each other will lie WITH each other" (politics makes strange bedfellows).

As well, it was intended to remind everyone that just because someone CALLS me a ... fill in the blank ... doesn't make it so; though not knowing me any better than you all do, it is surprising how many of you are so eager to jump on (Joe's) band wagon and ASSUME that I am (... mental, on medication, shit, fundamentalistic, a "believer", a woman hater, a homophobe ...).

Otherwise, the reactions to my writings are quite out of proportion to their content: Everyone might do well to examine their own motivation for responding like a bunch of ignorant "rednecks" might be expected to respond (with violence rather than logic). The recent violence seems out of character to the (supposedly) "rational" atmosphere virus purports to support.

What is it that you are fighting so hard NOT to see?

Brett Lane Robertson
Indiana, USA
MindRecreation Metaphysical Assn.
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