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Only a rabid crablouse like the Brettster, could be the kind of fuckwit that imagines that he can call other people names that he fondly believes to be insulting, without receiving his insults returned; perhaps with a little interest. Of course, the sniveling Brettster enjoys attempting to dish it out, but he obviously cannot handle it when somebody replies to him in the same vein. Seeing that he elected to launch an all out assault before discovering that our competence at the art of the insult is perhaps a little more advanced than his, he now runs for cover. As you implied, his position is that of the proverbial 97 lb weakling crawling into the ring, hitting the world heavyweight champion in the balls instead of shaking hands, and then demanding that the referee protect him...

Sodom, yours was a nice reply, and totally accurate - except that you seemed to grant the possibility that the Brettster might occasionally be making sense to somebody. I assure you, that the only way that would be possible would be if he was speaking a language that is not English and has no dictionary, syntax or capitalization rules. For somebody who is claiming to have "many years of advanced education", he obviously finds it exceedingly difficult to communicate.

Do you imagine that he has persuaded himself that there is some recourse available to him? That "some thing" exists to defend people who join discussion groups, insult the group and its aims, suggest that people on the group are "Butt-buddies" and are amazed when they receive appropriate (even moderate) responses? His total lameness and ignorance of law is so stunningly magnificent that I'm sure he is convinced that he the World court to take up the cudgels on his behalf and declare Joe and myself as authors of "crimes against humanity" far more serious than those perpetuated by Mr. Milosovic. With all the references to outlawed
"hate speech" I guess he has spent too much time living in Illinois and
now believes himself to be living in Canada. Perhaps he has spent his life being protected by people who feel that his negative IQ makes him a disadvantaged minority, and perhaps this has lead him to imagine that perhaps Canada will begin bombing the USA until we stop "persecuting" him. The news for the Brettster is that while Canada has suggested that saying something about "the poor" could be "hate speech", not even they are daft enough to attempt to protect stupidity. Perhaps penicillin won't help after all. Seems that his syphillus is now tertiary.

As to his claims of towering mental capability based on his school results, the evidence in CoV is that in a battle of wits he is practically an unarmed man... Perhaps he is at a school where his peers are also the descendents of a cultural group that practices sibling marriage. Or is it unselective line breeding? I seem to recall that he got into a discussion about fucking his mother or something like that a while ago. Maybe this explains both his demented sexual confusion, judgemental and homophobic attitude and level of mental incompetence - not to say verbal incontinence.

If he ever manages to extract his head from his anus, somebody should tell him there are hundreds of sites on the Internet that will sell
"advanced" degrees to anyone. Why, even Bill Clinton got one from
Kelloggs. The Brettster needs to grasp that repeating your fourth grade for the 18th time doesn't actually qualify you for anything. Not even in Indiana... As he seems fond of trying to find the easy way out, attempting to avoide the consequences of his loathsome personality, pedodentaphilia and congenital stupidity, I'm sure he will be delighted to discover that he can buy a doctorate without even completing 5th grade.

I am kind of hoping that seeing as he believes that there is an
"Internet law" that he spends the rest of his miserable existence trying
to find an Internet court to enforce it... The good news is that if he deals with the rest of the world the way he has behaved here, that his life is likely to be a short one. People who don't understand how to relate with others often end up killing themselves in nasty, bizarre kinds of ways or simply expire of terminal stupidity. If I make a suggestion to the Brettster, "think garbage disposal". From the way you portray yourself here, it would be both appropriate and far more newsworthy than anything else you have done in your miserable life.

DasHermit < Who doesn't think that the Brettster will find a lawyer stupid enough to take on his case - no matter how stupid many lawyers might seem to be. Can you imagine the scene during the "free consultation" (likely all the Brettster can probably afford, stupidity doesn't pay) as the Brettster simply opens his mouth to exchange feet.
"Yeah, I called them names and suggested they sodomised each other on a
public mail list using my address and carrying my signature line. But right after that, they called me a "fuckwit", and I wanna sue them." Can you see him bursting into tears, stamping his feet and trying to slap the lawyer when said legal expert starts laughing at him... quite a precious image. Besides, Brettster hasn't realized that you need to have a character before you can have it defamed... and spineless, gutless, brainless dorks don't qualify. Not even Walmart would sell him one. >

P.S. More gratuitous advice for Brettster. The word for your condition is craniorectalinversion and means just what it says. You elected to request mail from the CoV when you said subscribe, nobody forced you to join; you also said that you wanted a response when you first chose to post personal insults to the list. You surely won't be missed and if you leave, the list can then revert to its more usual level of politeness, at least cloaking dislike in polite phrasing. Just send an email to containing just the words "unsubscribe virus" (leave out the quotation marks). I strongly doubt that anyone will continue to send you mail or even to miss you in the slightest. Until you do that, you have chosen to continue to receive the communications of the CoV and have no legal leg to stand on. Tuck your head back up your rectum and roll on out. Don't get stuck under any shoes and don't let the door catch you on the way out.

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Here is a message Brett sent to me, instead of responding on the list, regarding his threats to us and my question as to what he could do. It contains my reply.