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Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:31:06 -0400

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Here is a message Brett sent to me, instead of responding on the list, regarding his threats to us and my question as to what he could do. It contains my reply.

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To: Brett Robertson <BrettMan35@webtv.net> Subject: Re: virus: Not Homophobic (well, maybe a little) References: <14412-375FB286-1360@postoffice-132.iap.bryant.webtv.net> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

Well Brett, as someone who was not in the top 1% of their class, does not have
several degrees, and does not maintain your level of excellence - i say you are
still full of crap - and that is the harshest thing I have said to you. After
reading your posts for who knows how long, I have yet to understand a word of it
after the first paragraph - when I try to follow the logic, there are so many
unproven assumptions that by the second sentence you are too deep in "ifs" to be
of any value to reason. You are well aware that communication is the responsibility of the communicator - if you want to be understood, then maybe
you should "dumb it down" so that my feeble mind can get a grasp of your almighty reasoning power.

I'm sorry Brett, but unlike you I am a successful businessman, husband and
volunteer. I travel to unique places every month and have held both the beginnning of life and ugly death in my hands - when they happened. I watched the life drain from a a man's eyes, and seen the beginnings of life in newly opened eyes. I learn from the harsh experience of the real world with my hands in its inards.

I am hoping that you pursue this "violation" of yours. There must be some legal
entity that has absolutely nothing to do but pursue some of the most meaningless
e-mails to ever hit the web. Not to mention your slandering of other CoVers- and
besides, homophobia is "in" in some places, so you stand some small chance. I'm
not sure, but I really dont think the "precedence" really applies here. If I was
a gambling man, and I am, I will BET that this case hardly qualifies - it is
neither serious enough or has it gone on long enough to warrant the effort. But
I am sure you have the time.

I think that the type of behaviour you are discussing is similar to punishing a
criminal. Here you have jumped into a verbal boxing ring - whether you like it,
know it or not - if you take a few verbal blows because your own verbal blows
fail, that is too bad. It is appropiate when the combatats are willing - you
called them "butt buddies" therby opeing yourself to attack. To many others they
were simply correct, and you were incorrect. You started name calling, and it
continued. If you cant take it, you need to stop. By learning when to quit, you
are improved. This is beneficial.

Brett Robertson wrote:

> Public defamation of character, deliberate slander, and hate crimes are
> NOT legal. As well, violence (physical, or in this case verbal) is not
> acceptable and is USUALLY punishable. Because you are curious... there
> is legal precedence in internet law that makes such things as "flaming"
> a violation (it is covered by "spam" laws as being similar to "unwanted"
> communications... obviously it is unwanted).
> BTW: WHY do you think it is deserved? HOW have I "set myself up" for
> this "abuse" (your words)? How can you imagine that this type of
> behavior is ever appropriate or beneficial?
> I am confident that my writing style is readable, that my logic is
> valid, and that my posts present important points for consideration (I
> have completed several years of advanced schooling and my grades are in
> the top 1% of my class... have always been). I am sure I have not done
> anything that needs to be punished-- other than maintaining a level of
> excellence which is outside of the norm (like a "rate buster").

can we vote on that, or is your "excellence" beyond our pathetic understanding?

> Therefore, I see the abusive responses to my posts as attempts to force
> me to conform to something which is not true (as truth needs no force).
> And though conformity is a noble pursuit, conformity to ignorance--
> through violence-- is a crime against humanity.

I dont think anyone here is interested in "conformity" in the radical sense you
are implying here - but asking a driver to stop at a red light and go on a green
is not asking for much. If even basic discussions need to become unmanagable
monsters to discuss them with you, then yes, conform to reasonable discussion
parameters or be ready for the backlash. I dont need to participate in a discussion to see that you are continually provoking the responses you receive.
Dont shovel your brand reason - it is violent and offense to reason - and that
is a crime against - well, us.

Bill Roh

> not Homophobic (well, maybe a little)
> Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 14:06:23 -0400
> From: Sodom <sodom@ma.ultranet.com>
> Reply-To: virus@lucifer.com
> To: virus@lucifer.com
> References: <6992-375DAF11-25535@postoffice-132.iap.bryant.webtv.net>
> Just because I am curious - Is there someone of "authority" to pursue this
> problem? I am not aware of any mechanism by which Brett can circumvent
> David. If there is one, I am curious. As far as I know, flaming people is
> legal and in some cases, notably this one, deserved.
> Brett, why are you wasting your and our time by setting yourself up for this
> abuse? I would think that after 2 years of abuse you would find a way to
> communicate with the rest of us that works. If you dont want to get based by
> Joe and others, you need to chill for a little while.
> Bill Roh
> Brett Robertson wrote:
> > Whoever the SUPPOSED list owner is-- he has seriously fallen down on his
> > job. The content of this list (as demonstrated below) is SERIOUSLY
> > inappropriate. There is no excuse for such outward shows of hate and
> > verbal violence as the included post contains. Would it be out-of-line
> > for me to contact someone who has the authority to persue this problem
> > on a more professional level? I am sure that something WILL be done
> > (short of shutting down this list).
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