Re: virus: Repeat of Myth, magic and mysticism

Snow Leopard (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:05:58 PDT

I don't trust any statistics that add up to >100%.

Besides, your source makes no point. Now, I know people who believe that science and faith are incompatible. Let me ask you somethin':

Do you believe in the accuracy of the following:

Every single thermometer used in scientific labs

The "awakeness" of technicians recording that data that basically "supports" your beliefs... your Bible if you will...

The accuracy of every telescope, the rate of decay of elements whose half lives will outlive your great-great^1000 grand children? The "spontaneous generation" of a living thing (the idea of which, we disproved 200 years ago) that already had enough intelligence that it, in a /short/ few billion years created communism that actually worked....

And these bacterial colonies grew, and the screw-ups were better than the original, so it grew a tail, and then it got beached, but didn't die... so it went back into the water (where the opposite sex found this "survival story" very attractive, so it multipled... more than the others that didn't have to feed these extraadaptaitions. Then, miracle of miracles, all of the correct changes added up, and an amphibian came into being.

A few 100 generations later, a few of them became incapable of water life. This disadvantagous mutation survived, land animals.

Then, one of them jumps in a tree, stays there a while, jumped down, put on a suit, and became a lawyer. That's your grandfather, who married "Lucy."

Faith, hmm?

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