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> The don Juan books talk about (a) a "mirror of self reflection", and (b)
> an "internal dialogue" (Similar to the "stream of consciousness"
> suggested? Seems somewhat different than "continuous synaptic
> firing"...). Anyway, certain "tricks" allow one an experience similar
> to "breaking the mirror of self reflection" and/ or "turning off the
> internal dialogue".
> Paradoxically, much of the "logic" on this list (relativistic,
> subjective, interpersonal, scientific-rational, agnostic, skeptical,
> pragmatic) shows signs that the thinkers who use these kinds of thought
> processes have ALREADY broken the mirror of self reflection (in
> contrast, "faith" is an example of a "continuous" perspective-- from
> which unbroken self-reflection suggests Truth, self-evidence, certainty,
> prime cause, and necessary effect).
I always suspected you had to be a believer, Brettster, 'cause you're obviously not a knower.
> Some of the immediate effects of breaking the chain of "synaptic
> firings" (continual revelation?) are fear, shame, co-dependence, "will"
> (force), "grace" (self-negation), emotional reasoning (addictive
> cycling), "doublethink" (ex. that one might "fight for peace", or that
> "jails secure freedoms"...), conformity, "slavery" (a work "ethic"),
> loss of "humanity" (self-mechanization), and "death"...
And a Puritanical believer as well! (Strains of forboding music swell as we hear the core 'loathsome spider' passage in Johnathan Edwards' sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"...)
> About *death* (which is, perhaps, symbolic-only... at first):
> Through external controls and acts of repression, one might become
> subjected to a reality which counters ones own self-volition, or
> life-force. The result is a subjective perspective (fantasy) which
> requires external (rather than internal) verification. Thereby, one
> becomes dependent upon others in order that one might avoid the logic
> suggested by their own projected reasoning and so avoid succumbing to
> the personal death "experience" which such logic ultimately requires.
> "Breaking the mirror" entails "7 years" bad luck (it is not fun...
> believe me). Seems we should strive for polishing the mirror (for now
> you see as if through a "glass", or mirror, darkly) and/ or finding a
> connection to truth and certainty.
Meds, Brett! Now! And stop staring into that mirror; it'll only make you crazier (No, Brett, DON'T get between TWO of them - Ohno, too late! He's trapped in the Infinite miasma of Recursive Self-Reflection!)
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