Re: virus: Technology (was manifest science)

Brett Robertson (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 12:57:27 -0500 (EST)

The don Juan books talk about (a) a "mirror of self reflection", and (b) an "internal dialogue" (Similar to the "stream of consciousness" suggested? Seems somewhat different than "continuous synaptic firing"...). Anyway, certain "tricks" allow one an experience similar to "breaking the mirror of self reflection" and/ or "turning off the internal dialogue".

Paradoxically, much of the "logic" on this list (relativistic, subjective, interpersonal, scientific-rational, agnostic, skeptical, pragmatic) shows signs that the thinkers who use these kinds of thought processes have ALREADY broken the mirror of self reflection (in contrast, "faith" is an example of a "continuous" perspective-- from which unbroken self-reflection suggests Truth, self-evidence, certainty, prime cause, and necessary effect).

Some of the immediate effects of breaking the chain of "synaptic firings" (continual revelation?) are fear, shame, co-dependence, "will" (force), "grace" (self-negation), emotional reasoning (addictive cycling), "doublethink" (ex. that one might "fight for peace", or that
"jails secure freedoms"...), conformity, "slavery" (a work "ethic"),
loss of "humanity" (self-mechanization), and "death"...

About *death* (which is, perhaps, symbolic-only... at first):

Through external controls and acts of repression, one might become subjected to a reality which counters ones own self-volition, or life-force. The result is a subjective perspective (fantasy) which requires external (rather than internal) verification. Thereby, one becomes dependent upon others in order that one might avoid the logic suggested by their own projected reasoning and so avoid succumbing to the personal death "experience" which such logic ultimately requires.

"Breaking the mirror" entails "7 years" bad luck (it is not fun...
believe me). Seems we should strive for polishing the mirror (for now you see as if through a "glass", or mirror, darkly) and/ or finding a connection to truth and certainty.

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