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Wade, I dont see "body parts", I see a "whole" which


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> >You cant say the arms are a tool without saying the blood that coursed
> >into the muscles is a tool, without saying the heart that pumped it
> >there is a tool, without saying the lungs which provided the oxygen is a
> >tool, without saying the diaphram that moved the lungs is a tool,
> >without saying the brainstem is a tool. So if I misunderstood you, I
> >take it back, otherwise I cant buy that.
> Yes, I am saying that. Using the hands and fingers as tools to fashion a
> lump of clay, or bang a hamburger into shape, is tool usage, yes. The
> shape and motility of the hands, aided and seen by a conscious being, are
> the tools here. The blood coursing through our veins is not being moved
> by any conscious direction, and is not in the process of forming
> anything. I guess I don't see your point about tools. A tool is a special
> implement, not a natural process. Elements of processes are units within
> operations, but these are not tools. Phools maybe....
We hadirect control of our body parts; we have mediated control of implements, BY MEANS OF our body parts, and we use tools to alter our implements in order to improve their efficiency.
> - Wade