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Gettin tired so hope this comes out right. When you act, there are "unconscious" processes that are redirected (Ex: more blood flow) and are changed through conscious motivation. The thought starts the changes and then the motivation is accompanied by the necessary internal component. I also dont see how you can separate the fingers from the hand from the arm from the shoulder from the torso from

the....................from the thought.  

Those fingers blindly evolved adapting to the environment much like a key adapting to a lock. Otherwise, my whole body is a tool. Including the "computer" directed "electrical configurations" that direct the "mechanical" appendages, "the hydraulics" and the "combustion" engine that converts the fuel into energy.

Maybe I am a tool for nature to see itself (just


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>You cant say the arms are a tool without saying the blood that coursed
>into the muscles is a tool, without saying the heart that pumped it
>there is a tool, without saying the lungs which provided the oxygen is a
>tool, without saying the diaphram that moved the lungs is a tool,
>without saying the brainstem is a tool. So if I misunderstood you, I
>take it back, otherwise I cant buy that.

Yes, I am saying that. Using the hands and fingers as tools to fashion a lump of clay, or bang a hamburger into shape, is tool usage, yes. The shape and motility of the hands, aided and seen by a conscious being, are the tools here. The blood coursing through our veins is not being moved by any conscious direction, and is not in the process of forming anything. I guess I don't see your point about tools. A tool is a special implement, not a natural process. Elements of processes are units within operations, but these are not tools. Phools maybe....