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Wade, it all sounds dandy except the use of arms and legs as tools. No matter what physical expression of the being is used to make the tool, it is still the being that made the tool through ideation expressed physically.

You cant say the arms are a tool without saying the blood that coursed into the muscles is a tool, without saying the heart that pumped it there is a tool, without saying the lungs which provided the oxygen is a tool, without saying the diaphram that moved the lungs is a tool, without saying the brainstem is a tool. So if I misunderstood you, I take it back, otherwise I cant buy that. ........jim

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>RE: "Only the usage of a tool can produce an artifact"
>What about human bones found in burial sites? Artifacts? Produced by

Uh, what about 'em, indeed?

You must be talking about bones used as tools, yes, not just the fact that once a being is buried, what remains after a few decades, is, uh, just bones?

Yes, of course you must.

Well, yes, if you mean a bone that was fashioned and honed to a point to be used as a needle, then, yes, it was produced by tools.

If you mean just a bone that was found and then broken to make an edge, and then used as a knife, yes, that required a tool- a being's hand and arms to break it. The 'use' of the tool is what is in question here. A broken bone located in a burial cistern is not a tool until it is used. But a hammer is, just sitting there.

"Only the usage of a tool can produce an artifact" meets all the truth tests, and is tautological to boot, for what is the definition of 'artifact'?

  1. An object produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, a weapon, or an ornament of archaeological or historical interest.