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You are way off base in your interpretations of the ramifications o sociobilogic concepts. This is not eugenics. It is the scientific explanation of the real world. It is not fascism. What is fascism is when you twist knowledge, suppress people and turn them into cattle. Genetics explains the basis of your behaviour in this way.

Your DNA provides the blueprint for your physical make-up, right? That physical make-up is manufactured through protein sysnthesis. The quality of the output of enzymes, hormones, BRAIN AMINES is determined by the structure of the organ or cells that is determined by our genes!

Then there are variations of FAP, fixed action patterns, that ALL animals have in one degree or another. These are triggered by "Sign stimuli".

If you are here to learn then I would advise you to chill out and ask appropriate questions that address your concerns.

If your parents passed to you a difficiency in the manufacture of a certain amine such as norepinephrine you would have the problems assocated with this. Depression, mania and more are associated with deficiencies in this amine. This whole idea can be looked at in reverse for balanced and emotionally healthy people.

Read: On Human Nature, by E.O. Wilson. In his forward he makes comments directed at the socialist liberal viewpoint you have. He also addresses the conservatives' problems with this approach, (Such as homosexuality having genetic foundations) So, no dogmatic political camp likes sociobiology; (evolutionary psychology) because it undermines some of their fervently held fundamental beliefs. It is no different with religious camps. Science and reason fuck with everyone, get use to it. I get hammered by it every day.............jim


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I find your remarks quite insulting. Anyways, I know of both Facism, and how genes are passed on. And I never said it was a bad thing, like you automatically assumed, to have such a program. But can you honestly say it doesn't lean towards facistic government control?

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