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> Wade T. Smith [who will, no doubt, delete this once he sees my name
> on it] wrote:
> > I am far from alone in saying evolution is a fact. The mechanisms
> > involved are being explored on theoretical levels, but evolution is
> a
> > fact. It's time everybody got over it and dealt with it.
> >
> > Why people want their gods in machines to be anything but a dramatic
> > device (and a cheap one at that- in fact, 'deus ex machina' is
> > usually used pejoratively in criticism) is beyond me, when the
> > machinery is obviously too beautiful to hold an actor....
> >
> > - Wade
> ...are the ends to which we [and everything else] are evolving
> unintellegible?
> -psypher
There ARE no preselected ends; the future is undetermined and the natural course of evolution is a random one, constrained only by the ground conditions in which natural candidates must thrive to be selected to inhabit and reproduce within a niche.
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