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> As to "evolution vs. innovation"... Where do you think *innovation*
> comes from if it is not a specific example of what it is that
> *evolution* does (innovate)?: They are one and the same except some who
> would say that evolution is of a different nature at a dividing point
> (consciousness). I would think that making such an arbitrary
> distinction would be difficult to support (as in the question "Where do
> you think 'innovation' comes from..."?).
Mommy and Daddy Innovation?
Innovation requires intentionality and creativity; evolution is a dumb blind process, possessing neither of these. You know not whereof you speak, nor will you even take the time to learn, but persist in jamming your foot so far in your mouth that you cut your own throat with your hangnails. Innovation comes from the directed creativity of recursively self-aware intentionality posessing a memory of what has and hasn't worked in its past and faced with a problem to be solved (try reading THE GRASP OF CONSCIOUSNESS by Jean Piaget), lummox; of course, never having personally experienced any of these (aside from your personal problems, which you obviously have yet to solve), how was you to know?
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