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"Berries" as an extension of the logic of "banana" suggests "yummy" and also "non-poisonous". It is this *logic* that I speak of (which resolves to individual survival and is available to the MIND of the individual).

The benefits of being logical-- as opposed to those of experience or hearsay-- include that experience involves error, and hearsay is forever without personal verification; though thinking is available to everyone, and logic is valid-- even in a virtual vacuum (it requires a few fundamentals, a mind, an individual, perhaps knowledge of letters or numbers, and a willingness to think for oneself).

Outside of what is "safe" (because *true*) is that which must be paid for: It is ultimate based on a gamble, "chance"; it is accepted on "trust" (BLIND trust-- and leads to a dependence on such blindness); and, it is acquired through "credit" (what is gotten from someone else is credited TO them and used in conjunction with THEIR assent or their continued decision not to withhold such assistance).

Otherwise, the truth of contingent realities (those which are not based on pure logic) are, as I said, only PROVABLE with the death of the one who would prove them such (contingent)

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Brett wrote:

<<<Similarly, the action of an individual which develops from "neural complexes" suggests the eating of a banana rather than the theoretical eating of a poisonous berry; while (on the other hand), the generalization "individual", if approached from the perspective of what is first a group of similar "human" objects and only subsequently specified to be true, suggests an equal probability of eating poison berries and bananas (pending objective proof that bananas are general cases and poison berries the specific exception. Such "proof" would be obtained ONLY through the death of the individual understanding reality such. Some proof!).>>>

No, that's why you must learn to hold the berry on your tounge--and make the more subtle distinctions--if you want to enjoy the juice of the yummy non-poisonious berries as well. Sticking to just bananas may be safe, you see, but you'll never ever enjoy a really good berry pie that way!

-Prof. Tim