Re: virus: Kow?

Rhonda Chapman (
Mon, 31 May 1999 20:49:04 -0700

Monday, May 31, 1999 11:06 AM Joe E. Dees wrote:

>I read The Turner Diaries, Hunter and The Protocols of the Learned
>Elders of Zion (racist), Wake Up America and The Battle For The
>Mind (fundamentalist), Closed: 99 Ways To Shut Down Abortion
>Clinics and A Time To Kill (antiabortion) just so that I could
>understand the mindsets of the people who campaign for such
>things, and thus more effectively oppose them.

I appreciate where you're coming from on this. I studied the backgrounds and behaviors of sexual-predators, to better understand their motives and how to deter them. However, that doesn't mean I would want to get "close" to any of them!