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> Richard wrote:
> >I wish I could give my blessing to your philosophy that there is no harm in
> >exposing yourself indiscriminately to maladaptive thoughts and behaviors,
> >but it is a fundamental principle of cognitive psychology and memetics that
> >that is not the case.
> Do you not believe one can learn a great deal form the study of people of
> different programming or defective programming. For example the ability to
> get along and survive in any situation. Also if one knows the model and
> programming that causes nonproductive behavior one can identify it in
> themselves do you not think? Before it becomes a problem.
I read The Turner Diaries, Hunter and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (racist), Wake Up America and The Battle For The Mind (fundamentalist), Closed: 99 Ways To Shut Down Abortion Clinics and A Time To Kill (antiabortion) just so that I could understand the mindsets of the people who campaign for such things, and thus more effectively oppose them.
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