Re: virus: Cow

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 27 May 1999 15:50:03 -0700

TheHermit wrote:

>Morality can only exist with an external reference. Otherwise
>you are simply playing with references, and as each person's
>"morality" is equally valid, the word is meaningless.

FYI--this is an incorrect syllogism.

As an analogy: Just because the rate at which ever molecule in a solution moves is different (while being "equally valid") it does not preclude the solution from having an overall temperature. Neither does it turn the concept of 'temperature' into a "myth" as a result.

>As there are no external references, the concept of morality is
>only a convenient myth;

As mythic as the concept of "room temperature". (But I bet you still have a thermostat on the wall, don't you?)

-Prof. Tim