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Hermit.......Isnt post-religious morality really ethics anyway? I have been using morality incorrectly then. I should be refering to ethics? or simplify it to "values", whatever the realm it corresponds too. What I am refering to has genetic base so what is the best "label" (cringe) for use to communicate the ideas. Considering pre-conceived definitions among people. jim

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Morality can only exist with an external reference. Otherwise you are simply playing with references, and as each person's "morality" is equally valid, the word is meaningless. As there are no external references, the concept of morality is only a convenient myth; a legal and social fiction designed to facilitate control of the unthinking.

On the other hand, there are ethics, which are far more interesting, and when valid, ultimately derive their justification from genetics.


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> Whoa- Psypher, what a dark pessimistic vision.
> Morality is based upon WHAT WORKS and WHAT DOESNT in a contextual
> setting. Right for me, or wrong for me, right for the group, or wrong
> for the group. A balancing act of values in a flux. Social and
> individual values/morals.