Re: virus: The Great Big Punt-try Song Con-Test
Tue, 25 May 1999 15:38:49 EDT

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> Joe Dees wrote:
> >My entry for the chorus of "Broken-Winged Angel"
> >Contribute or change at will.

> >
> >There'll be no children from this union,

cus I like the cum and she like cumunion

> >I'm not a lover, I'm a clown

big brown nosed n pants hangn' down

> >And there'll be others who'll be with her

some for the spring roll some for the stir

> >Just like me they'll lay their money down

for the best chicken chow in dis here town

> >She's a Broken-Winged Angel

hot wings and all

> >But for me, she's a blessing

eat in or take out

I don't mind the gas the few extra pounds

for me she like salad dressing

> >The best benediction that I've found.