Re: virus: The Great Big Cunt-ry Song Con-Test

Zloduska (
Tue, 25 May 1999 13:22:28 -0500

Joe Dees wrote:

>My entry for the chorus of "Broken-Winged Angel"
>Contribute or change at will.
>There'll be no children from this union,
>I'm not a lover, I'm a clown
>And there'll be others who'll be with her
>Just like me they'll lay their money down
>She's a Broken-Winged Angel
>But for me, she's a blessing
>The best benediction that I've found.

That's not a Country song, that's a Nikki Sudden song! Just add some mentons of hearts, booze, rivers, lantern lights, and lying naked on the sheets.