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> It never ends does it, Ill try once more.
> > ...ah, but we live in a world where there's no place else to go and
> > where there's no recourse for those deprived of water [or anything
> > else] to seek redress.
> Yep, too bed eh.

Yep, you can fuck pink unicorns, cows or your mother while waiting for the water level to rise :-) Just don't fuck your son's or daughters? Hmmm, worth reading and

>From the Cornell University's course-notes on "The Sexual Child"

"With respect to children, Americans today have what we might call a pedophilic imagination. The sexual child, as an emblem of trauma, has become the focus of moral panics from every point on the political spectrum - panics about cultural phenomena as various as child pornography, single motherhood, the Roman Catholic priesthood, access to the Internet, and gay studies curricula. But what is a child? What does it mean to love or desire a child? How might we construe child sexuality beyond the dominant, largely Freudian paradigm of Trauma? Who promotes the idea of child sexuality and why? How has it been constructed through narrative and visual imagery? This course offers a political, historical, and rhetorical analysis of the language of trauma that has developed around the sexual child in the past century. Readings for the course will include theoretical texts on child sexuality, trauma, and the debate over "false memory" (Sigmund Freud, James Kincaid, Judith Lewis Herman, Frederick Crewel; we will also do close readings of literary and visual texts, from Lewis Carroll's Alice books to Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining and Sally Mann's erotic photographs of children."