Re: virus: A "Confession" about "The Sign"

Sodom (
Mon, 24 May 1999 15:39:33 -0700

Really, it comes down to how good looking your mom is. Lets face it, all of us men have said "wow, look at that chick" how many times have these women been mothers? a lot I bet.

Bill Roh

For those of you with limited humors, I am still joking. wrote:

> << Thinking of pink unicorns is unnatural and perverse but fucking your
> own mother is just good clean fun? Someone bring me a puke
> bucket! >>
> here is a bucket and some nice dark lensed shades...
> I think that they help shelter thee eyes from the horror ov thee thought
> expressed.
> ~Jess
> Just trying to remove thee mental images from my mind from this topic ....