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> Just a thought, or rather a question. What do you know about this line
> of thought?.....Recently I have been finding some articles of studies
> about Antarctic "forcing" that claim that what (good or bad) occurs
> there now is due to events thousands of years ago, not decades or the
> present. .........jim
Quite a lot. My sister is an oceanographer/marine biologist/mathematician who is involved in this and some other related studies who keeps me posted on current thinking. I understand the "forcing model" fairly well. It seems we have a very good match for ice shelf collapse (and plankton population) against sea temperature with a two decade shift using the modified ECMWF geostrophic winds and the linear model with sea thermoexchange action modification. I am not familiar with the idea of ancient states (just that it exists), but just don't see the linkage between "forcing" i.e. atmospheric forcing on the ice drift and various thermodynamic processes at work, and the state of the world "several thousand years ago". I would say that the chance of ancient states being a major contributor is almost infinitesimal, unless it comes up with an explanation for the sea temperature matching and leading icepack and plankton observations, the purported explanation raises more questions than it answers.