virus: A "Confession" about "The Sign"

Brett Robertson (
Sun, 23 May 1999 15:45:32 -0500 (EST)

I experienced this understanding while practicing righteousness at a homeless shelter in CA.

There seems to be a level of revelation (truth) after which people who have made certain (perhaps minor) mistakes find themselves convicted BY this truth to envision through the logic it suggests the necessary consequences of their action(s).

There also seems to be an alternative "truth" which allows for salvation from these consequences.

The first truth I cannot describe. It is "abc and 123"... that is, it is simply "the truth"; though, the level of denial needed to disaffirm this truth and institute the other may be mechanized (through forceindustrialization / sacrifice- social engineering) so that certain systems can be maintained by which the consequences are pushed aside... until such time that the force of truth causes these systems to collapse.

The other "truth" is based on serial negation (two no's equal one yes). According to this "truth", SELF negation allows for circular- (non-self, and only thereby objective-) affirmation. This objective affirmation occurs through the verification of one's foundational assumption-- that is, it is an understanding which validates the "sign" of one's
"domestication" (group inclusion).

Such domestication allows one the ability to recognize this *sign* of domestication in others (there is an unstated understanding of a shared
"Achilles heal" though this may be perceived by whatever outward signals
those within a trusted group give to each other of being "in the know"). Thus, the group gives tacit agreement to dis-affirm the necessary (self-condemning) truth for the symbolic one-- the one whose "true" nature is FOUNDED upon the paradox of mutual self-negation and group condonation.

The "assent to the negative" suggested by the sign affirms the negative foundation FOR it-- and so, through the double negative, again ties-into the positive foundation by which this system operates. By their unstated willingness to disaffirming you, indirectly, the chosen group reveals their willingness to AFFIRM YOU IN THE NEGATIVE (and thereby establish a "truth" which is founded upon paradox and the affirmation of negativity).

I saw this in operation as a group of guys (in the shelter), before going to sleep, began talking about the negative things they all shared (mostly sexual perversions). This talk seemed to have been established with the sole purpose of attaining from me a sign of my (supposed)
"similar" perversions.

Failing to secure from me a "dirty secret" which they could use to
"blackmail" me (and so establish a basis for "trust" by which I must
tacitly agree to condone their version of truth, thereby also agreeing not to reveal more of the truth which I righteously represented...)... failing to secure from me a sign of my domestication, a spiritual incident occurred whose significance I can't exactly convey.

The air in the dorm became "heavy" with a palpable "evil". My imaginings of this evil became a waking dream in which a murderer stood over my bed with a knife... ready to kill me unless I made my *assent to the negative*. When I chose my own potential death over domestication, the following happened (and though I believed myself to be protected from the threats because of my *righteousness*-- that is, I was protected through my understanding of the spiritual implication of the matter-- the actual danger was frighteningly real, nonetheless).

The physical roof of the dorm caved-in. An individual leapt up from his bed screaming and ran out the front of the building, mad. The police were called and the matter "settled"... still...

Brett Lane Robertson
Indiana, USA
MindRecreation Metaphysical Assn.
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