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Robin Faichney (robin@faichney.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 23 May 1999 10:29:45 +0100

In message <199904221547a5567@?>, psypher <overload@fastmail.ca> writes
>> This is not the place to argue about global warming or any other
>> environmental issue. I suggest you take it to sci.environment.
>...is it the place to discuss the oversimplification of complex
>systems phenomenon to single-issue differences of opinion?

Very likely. I was thinking about posting something on the memetic aspects of this. Apparently Dawkins sees the most potential for memetics in studying the interactions between different memes and memeplexes -- like short-termist individual profit seeking, freemarket ideologizing, support for big biz and global warming, for instance -- and I think he might well be right.

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