Re: virus: Cow
Sat, 22 May 1999 21:50:13 EDT

After a cow is killed it is in pieces.
After a person is raped their life is in pieces. Thee cow cant put its life back together. Thee person however, has a hell ov journey trying to regain some order to their life.
I am not really going to debate weither cows have feelings or the rest ov the vegan/humanitarian outlook on thee issue. The issue that I was referring to was thee rape and its effects after thee fact on a person. I believe that it is a personal choice what human characteristics we impose upon animals and their behaviour,
and thee moral implications ov taking a life ov any kind...

Ps ...
*rape feels good. It has for millions of years. *
For whom does it feel good?
The one that is showing a display ov force and violating another person???

~ jess