Re: virus: Blue Pill Theorum

Rhonda Chapman (
Thu, 20 May 1999 23:39:45 -0700

Thursday, May 20, 1999 5:36 AM "Rose" of Snow Leopard wrote:

>look at what you
>stand for. If you saw a person talking to another about a family crisis,
>and the listener says, “I will pray for you,” you’d call ‘em “sick”.

This is a very generalized statement, which is in no way representative of the vast majority of this list. I have numerous friends, acquaintances, and family members who are christians to varying degrees. I do not every condemn them for their religious beliefs. It would never enter my mind to do so. I would certainly never suggested that anyone was "sick", based upon any offer of support.

If anything, the reverse is often true. It is far more common that a non-christians is attacked, for not being christian, than the reverse. You appear to be doing so now and you are using an argument, which you have apparently devised within your own mind. You are taking a stance in which you position yourself as a "victim" of a judgment, which I have not witnessed. Your group continues to attack the other members of the list and assume that we are all out to belittle or "get" you. I am sorry to disappoint you. Although, I believe in no gods, I have nothing against anyone for doing so.

I am curious and have been for some time. Precisely what were your intentions in joining the Virus list? What were your intentions in writing this message? I do not need to know the answers to these questions. What I am suggesting is that you need to review your own motives. Just take a look inside your heart/soul; are you representing yourself with "christian charity"?