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As much a spawn of the devil as any misguided group that would return us to global poverty, the diminishment of human rights, overtaxing, big governments, less overall personal safety, and brutishness. That's the result of the policies that would be "enshrined". The blind attitude of the envirofundies is the same you will find in the pro-life picketers around a woman's health clinic. And the antichoice people have some other things in common with the e-fundie... Bombing and arson: Terrorism. So, yes, they are bad seed, and bad memes too. The sky is NOT falling and Jesus is NOT coming again!

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In message <>, James Veverka <> writes
>after that is done the activists will still be yelping because being
>humane is not their true agenda. Their true agenda is to establish a
>neo-marxist environmental agenda with it's political correctness at the
>heart of their little make-believe utopia.

Assuming that we can accurately identify "the activists" from this description: are we to believe that they're the spawn of the devil?

Robin Faichney
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