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The beef industry should clean up its act as far as the method of slaughter is concerned. .........(Recently a boy in the midwest was swinging a live pig around and round, bashing its head. It was going to be killed for a dissection in a class. He was suspended until they found out he was imitating some of the standard procedures in the local slaughterhouses). Now all that that implies disturbs me too.......But after that is done the activists will still be yelping because being humane is not their true agenda. Their true agenda is to establish a neo-marxist environmental agenda with it's political correctness at the heart of their little make-believe utopia. It is environmental fundamentalism and it is akin to religious fundamentalism. Both suck. Both hate progress.

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James wrote:

>Excuse me but rape is not sex, its violence.

And murder/slaughtering an animal isn't violence? I'm not at all anti-carnivore, but I agree with the analogy that 'psypher' originally made.

>You dont use a whip to give a backrub do you? It is a BAD comparison.

Not exactly. Well, it all depends on what they are into... Some people prefer whips.