Re: virus: New kid on block

psypher (
Wed, 19 May 1999 00:23:56 -0400 (EDT)

> Yes, I may have been quick to judge you.
> I guess it is the disdain I feel you have for science and
> materialism.

...I'm all for science, I think materialism is a ridiculous conceit.

Someone has said you have not thought this through and I
> think they are correct.

...I, on the other hand, think they are not. I make no claims to having "thought it through" - I'm not nearly done yet. I do think that people who advocate the idea that the principles of science can provide a meaningful ground for the conduct of a full life are making several, very significant errors.

> My arrival at these libertarian views is an affirmation of what I
> have learned through simple history and science. That when given
> choices of conscience and lifestyle, and equal access to free
>markets people are best able to choose, direct, and succeed in their
lives. do you structure your actions, everyday conduct and general activities to ensure that people have these things? do you justify the maintenance of your priviledge in the face of the fact that most people do not? do you resolve the conflict between the simple fact that the attempt at achieving these values for a [tiny] segment of the worlds population has meant enforced ignorance and want for the rest? ...what group of people has had ever actually experienced the circumstances to which you aspire?

> This elevates the entire society's well being and creativity.

...On what basis is "well being" defined? ...what sort of creativity?

> regulation is unleashed in a society such as one I would envision.

...again, how do you act to bring about the manifestation of your vision?

> Afterall, any evolutionary system is a balance of competition with
> cooperation. Moral responsiblity is not seen in absolute values, but
> part of the symbioses of any successful society. what or whom are we morally responsible? ...what constitutes success? have yet to answer the substance of any of my questions, being primarily engaged in a reiteration of your original statements.

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