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Yes, I may have been quick to judge you. I guess it is the disdain I feel you have for science and materialism. Someone has said you have not thought this through and I think they are correct.

My arrival at these libertarian views is an affirmation of what I have learned through simple history and science. That when given choices of conscience and lifestyle, and equal access to free markets people are best able to choose, direct, and succeed in their lives. This elevates the entire society's well being and creativity. Self regulation is unleashed in a society such as one I would envision. Afterall, any evolutionary system is a balance of competition with cooperation. Moral responsiblity is not seen in absolute values, but part of the symbioses of any successful society.

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> Psypher, Are you a Marxist?

...most emphatically not. I'm an anarchist, I abjure authority in principle.

> I can see that we dont agree at all. I consider myself carefree
> if I miss a meal) is this view at odds with my statement that you're in a position of incredible priviledge? Relative to the vast majority of the humyn population the fact that you feel carefree AT ALL is a priviledge. The fact that you can maintain that feeling even if you miss a meal is an added bonus.

and I dont find fault with everything on the
> planet.

...I find much that is good on the planet. I find much that is bad on the planet. I strive to find balance in my thought and action.

>I think you overdo this revolutionary thing.. are, of course, entitled to your opinion. Seeing as how I have yet to propose anything revolutionary [except by implication] I am at a loss to see on what it is based.

> conservatives find EVERYTHING liberal. That analogy can be drawn
> with regards to any extremist ideology. I have yet to advance an ideology of any sort, I find your application of this analogy puzzling.

> I'm libertarian in view and it is NOT a prevalent view.

...from your perspective, of what does it consist?

It rejects
> legislated quotas of fairness, manners and etiquette found in
> Socialist thought, and it rejects the legislation of choice in
> lifestyles found in the "rightwing" ideology

...what does it affirm?

That's not a cop-out,
> it is pragmatic and much the same tune as Jefferson's great vision.

...the one in which it was accepted as self-evident that all people are created equal?

> My view of "liberty" would not take other's rights away.'s VIEW of anything can take anything away from anybody. How do your expressed actions relate to your viewpoint?

It is
> precisely what the two major parties believe that can take rights
> from us all.

...I'm not from your country. I disdain the beliefs of any party.

I see the socialists as disruptive to market economies
> and the radical right as disruptive freedom of lifestyle and
> conscience.

...presumably your ideology affirms both the market economy and freedom of lifestyle and conscience then?

...what do these terms mean in the context of your brand of libertarianism, and how do they contribute to your view of personhood?

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