Re: virus: Definitions (was Consciousness and Will)

psypher (
Tue, 18 May 1999 21:52:34 -0400 (EDT)

> If by "experientially", you mean *humanistically*

...the set [experience] encompasses, but is not limited to the set [humyn experience]

...hey hermit, am I getting the hang of this at all?

and define this
> according to human error (as opposed to logic) on the exclusivity of logic as an indicator of either truth, or knowledge is, well, silly.

Though our point of departure is,
> more accurately, that I do not believe in error, chaos, or "will"
> (force)

...hmmm. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "error" in this context. I suppose you have a right not to believe in chaos, but I definitely don't understand your equation of will with force.

...this I didn't get at all.

> I understand that in oppressive situations, order tends to imply
> SOMEONE ELSE'S order so that freedom tends to imply freedom FROM
> order. But, I use *freedom* as in "freedom from chance".

...Margaret Atwood [whom I don't actually like very much but I keep agreeing with her] elucidated "freedoms from" and "freedoms to" in her novel "The Handmaids Tale" - which is instructive in several respects. I have no beef at all with order. I do see a need for both sorts of freedom though.
...but I can't understand the concept of "freedom from chance"

> allows that both freedom and order are in line with one's OWN
> awareness (and that this awareness is founded upon a necessary
> truth).

...what is this necessary truth to which you allude? ...I can accede to freedom and order being coexistant.

> I side WITH those who represent order but only to the degree that
> the order they represent does not involve force. And I side AGAINST
> those who use the potential for force which is inherent in
> orderliness as an excuse to justify forced error (as if the power of
> those who represent order justifies the will of those who represent
> chaos).

...just a query, how do you express your dissent to the use of force if you deny the validity of will?

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