Re: virus: The Kingdom...

psypher (
Tue, 18 May 1999 14:29:18 -0400 (EDT)

> I wouldn't believe some of this, uness I was there and saw it with
> own eyes,

...and here you make the claim that so infuriates all the virians who have been patiently interacting with you. [btw. Hi, I'm psypher - local node here-and-now for the cosmic flux, advocatus diaboli, anarchist and self-bestower of elaborate titles] propose a system of faith which you present as incontrovertible [a particular christian doctrine]. Virians [as is their wont] respond with "I can't experience the explanation for your faith directly and so I disregard it". This infuriates you. Then when a Virian proposes a challenge to your statement of faith, you immediately respond with "Didn't see it, don't believe it."

quite impossible.

...there is no such thing as impossible.

...You're willing to believe in a transcendent, personal deity who orchestrates complex interactions with individual humyns in localized areas with the aim of transmitting a global message, the performance of miracles, forgiveness of sin and an afterlife but you can't bring yourself to believe that some people at some time who have been taken very seriously have lied? Why is that, exactly?

> Among those who advanced their carrers by lies. I'm not even going
> to mention politicians. I'm talking science. The two names first
> come to mind are Isaac Newton, and Gregor Mendel. They "modified"
> their results. Those results are the basis of modern science.

...okay. I'm all for questioning the assumptions of science. Hell, I'll question the assumptions of anything you care to name. You will find no stronger supporter of any illumination you care to bring to the statement [the quest to understand the universe through the principles of natural science] than me. I'm all for it. ...however, just dropping names and making assertions is not enough. On what sources do you draw to back up your claim that Newton and Mendel modified their results? Which results are they supposed to have tweaked? How did these modifications strenghten their initial biases? What were their initial biases? [You ARE aware that Newton was intensely religious and Mendel was a monk - both were Christian].

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