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Snow Leopard (
Tue, 18 May 1999 10:48:02 PDT

ERic Writes:
>Actually, the quote you responded to was written by me (ERiC).
>TheHermit replied to me even denying the event (crusi-fiction)
>mentioned above -- I am not nearly that radical, although I've
>certainly read lots of different theories which maintain that

I'm sorry!

>Re lying: To be honest, I couldn't care less about the general state
>of lying amoungst Christians -- but *you* should know that many of
>your largest and most important historical figures were out and out
>lyers -- Matthew, Luther, literally dozens of early church fathers
>(Hermas and Eusebius come immediatly to mind) even Augustine himself
>was in favour of "lies of omission". Some people speculate that Paul
>was too. Church fathers (and local ministers) today are in a similar
>spot -- many do not believe, and so are "lying" all the time, but
>cannot give up their livelihood. It is an unenviable position. In
>Canada, we just had a large controversy when one of the leaders of the
>United Church revealed that he didn't believe... Myself, I'm all for
>shaking up the plebs.

I wouldn't believe some of this, uness I was there and saw it with my own eyes, quite impossible. As we Snow Leopards say, "I'll believe it, when school freezes over."

Among those who advanced their carrers by lies. I'm not even going to mention politicians. I'm talking science. The two names first to come to mind are Isaac Newton, and Gregor Mendel. They "modified" their results. Those results are the basis of modern science.

>Regarding evolution -- go read some books. I cannot do justice to
>evolution in less than a few hours[1] -- and, to be honest, evolution
>remains true regardless of your belief or disbelief. It is your loss:
>evolution is a powerful and pervasive idea, and without it, you'll be
>missing half of fun of living in the twentieth (and twenty-first)

Powerful and pervaisve ideas don't preclude true ideas.

That might be a good maxim.

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