virus: Consciousness and Will (was "Maxims")

Brett Robertson (
Mon, 17 May 1999 23:32:52 -0500 (EST)

..the universe is neither static nor dynamic - the very division is a construct. The universe IS - it is all things, at once, chaos: the sum of all possible orders. Time is not a ground in which the universe sits, it is a ground in which WE sit, and we - from this vantage - can't see past that limit. Of course there is no change without consciousness - there's nothing to change. Consciousness [will] is not a product of evolution, it's a precursor to incarnate existence. -psypher

Yes, you are right.

But, consciousness "IS" (is an ABSTRACTION [not "construct"])... as it EXISTS though is "neither static nor dynamic". As such, when talking about how "all things" are abstracted to an "at once", we speak of
*freedom* (not "chaos").
This is true precisely because the "sum of all
CHANCE" (not the sum of all "order") is the symbolic *CONSTRUCT* called
*order*. As such, freedom includes the freedom to establish order from
chance by way of consciousness (see post on quality).

Because of this, it is wrong to call consciousness "will". *Will* is the construct, order, which justifies chance (by way of consciousness) as that which exists contrary to freedom (destroying freedom for "chaos"). Thus, you suggest that consciousness arises from chaos and institutes an ordering called "incarnate existence"; though the fact of the matter is that chaos can neither allow for consciousness nor destroy it, and incarnate existence (or *Being*) must pre-exist will so as to maintain an objective existence.

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