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Brett Robertson (
Mon, 17 May 1999 23:04:42 -0500 (EST)

Quality belongs to a developmental milestone, or meme, which I call <standards>.

Chance leads to order via <freedom>. This basic pattern is repeated in several memetic leaps until producing an ideal (established by the meme, <art>).

The ideal, once fixed, is divided-up by protagonists and antagonists who use <imagination> to produce from the ideal original ideas. Ideas are mass produced by introducing <controls>. <STANDARDS> next develop (by which mass production leads to mechanization).

Here is the process by which the above occurs (which is similar to the process of abstraction called <freedom>, though which is renamed <STANDARDS>). It describes how the mass production of ideas produces mechanization (and the role of "quality"):

>From chance, one combines and separates events creating and destroying
freedom (BY chance) to eventually pass through the "other side" of freedom to institute a deliberate mixing and matching which defines an *ordering* (mixing and matching are inversely related to combining and separating-- just as chance is inversely related to order-- owing that freedom is both the freedom to create AND destroy... excepting the creation of freedom by chance, which destroys the chance occurrence of chance).

Similarly (with regard to <standards>): Mass production involves a product and process (technology is an ideal which is imagined through these protagonistic and antagonistic dualities to create the idea which is mass produced through *mechanization*). These (product and process) are inversely related to the quantity and quality of ideas (as defined by the technology, or ideal) in that satisfaction and satiation restate the <freedom> of generic "standards" from those which would be defined by "chance" according to what is mass produced. This process of re-definition also occurs n a way that re-states the technology of mass production using the "freedom" to standardize what is thereby mechanized according to the *order* established (as above).

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